Where to Find CNA Training and Employment in Indiana

With over 500 nursing homes located in the state, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in Indiana is a great way to find sustainable employment at an adequate wage. As the number of elderly Americans grows in proportion to the rest of the population, the need for healthcare services and medical personnel grows too. With more elderly individuals, there is a greater demand for the nurse aides and orderlies who care for them at nursing homes, retirement homes, and other long-term care facilities. Not only for employment, but the training to become a CNA can be the start of a longer career in the field of healthcare.

For CNAs in Indiana, the amount of training required is about average, at 75 hours of instruction. 30 of these hours must be spent gaining hands-on, clinical experience providing direct care to patients. Therefore, training programs must provide the necessary knowledgebase and skill sets. Choosing a training program should be based firstly on whether they provide adequate experience, and then on individual needs. State-approved training programs are offered at a number of different institutions, including community/technical colleges, some nursing homes and hospitals, and other types of specialized healthcare training programs. Some popular programs in Indiana include Nurse Tech, CNA Institute of Indiana, and Indiana Health Career Training. For community colleges, applicants most often seek out Ivy Tech Community Colleges located across the state.

The two urban centers that have the most opportunities for qualified CNAs are Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. In Indianapolis, one of the biggest employers of nurse aides is the hospital chain of Community Health Network. For employment outside of a hospital setting, there are also many choices of nursing homes. Two nursing homes seeking new nurse aides are CarDon& Associates and Golden Living. The city of Indianapolis has the highest population of any city in the state, so while there may be more opportunities for work, there may also be greater competition. Fort Wayne is the second largest urban center and offers an alternative location for job-hunters. Some hospitals in the Fort Wayne area that are in need of qualified nurse aides include Parkview Hospital network and Dupont Hospital. There are also many nursing homes located in the surrounding area. Some long-term care facilities that are in need of staff include Cantebury Nursing & RC, Kingston Healthcare, and Maxim Healthcare Services. For Indiana residents that are not located near Indianapolis or Fort Wayne, the next best places to seek employment are the next biggest cities: Evansville and South Bend.