Maryland CNA Training and Employment Options

One of the best ways to take advantage of the promising employment figures of the healthcare field in Maryland is to train as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Across the country, employment in the healthcare industry is projected to increase faster than any other job field in America. Getting your certification as a nurse aide is one of the simplest ways to tap into the growing resources devoted to the medical and healthcare system. With CNAs employed at nursing homes, long-term care facilities, hospitals, and other types of medical centers, there are and will continue to be a great wealth of opportunities for qualified nurse aides. Maryland alone has almost 250 nursing homes, so getting started today can be the first step to a sustainable career.

State-approved nurse aide training programs in Maryland can be found at a number of locations. Community colleges, vocational schools, and nursing homes are the best places to begin your search. The Maryland Community College network has about 15 different campuses that will be able to provide the appropriate training for CNAs. Some popular choices are the Baltimore City Community College and the Chesapeake College. The cost of tuition runs at about the cost of a semester of tuition, so if college is too pricey, it may be more advantageous to train at a nursing facility. By training at a healthcare home, you will gain access to a professional network of peers and have a good chance of finding employment. Some of the best in Maryland are the Wicomico Nursing Home, the Longview Nursing Home, and the Keswick Multi-Care Center. If the cost of training is the main obstacle in choosing a program, keep in mind that federal funding is available to reimburse trainees for the cost of their training once they become certified and employed.

The best place to begin your job hunt in Maryland is Baltimore. As the main metropolis and capitol of the state, Baltimore will provide more opportunities for CNAs than other regions. Some successful nursing home chains that are currently seeking new employees include Genesis Healthcare, Fresenius Healthcare, and Adventist Healthcare. There are also many hospitals and community centers in need of qualified nurse aides. Some hospitals in the Baltimore area that are in need of CNAs are the Greater Baltimore Medical Center and Harbor Hospital. Some options for less traditional employers include some YMCAs and other types of child-care services where guardians must be qualified in emergency medical responses and infection prevention.